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Ask Us Anything: 7 Answers to Your K-Cup® Coffee Questions

Do you ever wonder things like, “can I reuse a K-Cup® capsule?” You are not alone. We get questions like that one every day. We understand how it feels to have questions about a new product. After a decade in the Keurig® industry, we have heard it all. But, there are a few recurring topics. We care about your coffee drinking experience. Today, we will answer your top seven Keurig® coffee questions.

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7 Answers to Your K-Cup® Coffee Questions

Are K-Cup® pods compostable or recyclable?

Licensed K-Cup® pods are not compostable. They contain a mixed plastic casing and an aluminum lid. You have to buy an off-brand coffee capsule and even those might not work. Most items marketed as compostable such as cutlery, need an industrial processor. You can not toss them in your backyard heap and expect anything to happen. But, the coffee and filter inside K-Cup® pods will break down and do wonders for your soil.

Recycling K-Cup® pods is complicated. Yes, they are technically recyclable. But, only if your municipality has the proper equipment (mine, for example, does not). The mixed plastic is difficult for some processors. Yet, the bigger issue is the size and weight. As in, spent pods are small and light making them easy to get stuck in recycling equipment.

Is K-Cup® coffee instant?

Licensed K-Cup® pods are not made with instant coffee. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Keurig® coffee is gourmet and made from 100% Arabica beans. It is also made by the top roasters in the world like Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee, and Tim Hortons. 

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Can K-Cup® coffee be used twice?

Sure, you can reuse K-Cup® pods. The second brew will be much thinner than the first. Also, make sure that you reuse your pod within an hour of the original brew. Once the K-Cup® seal breaks, air can get inside. This will affect the safety and quality of your coffee. 

Can K-Cup®  coffee go bad?

K-Cup® coffee pods have a shelf life denoted as a “use by” date on the box. Usually, it is within two years of production. Coffee capsules past the use-by date are not spoiled, nor have they gone bad. But, they may be stale. The date denotes the optimal time frame in which to use them for optimal freshness. You can still use pods past the date. The coffee just won’t taste as good. 

Can you use a K-Cup® pod without a machine?

Well, sure, we guess. But why? To use a K-Cup® pod without a machine:

  • Remove the lid.
  • Pour the coffee grinds into a filter or French Press.
  • Repeat until you get enough grinds for a pot.

Unless your Keurig® brewer breaks, it is difficult to think of a reason to do this.

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What K-Cup® coffee has the most caffeine?

Contrary to popular belief, light roast coffee has the most caffeine. It is common to say a dark roast is strong. This is correct if you are referring to the taste. But, when it comes to caffeine, light roasts are stronger. Keurig® also makes extra bold coffee pods. Extra bold pods have more coffee per capsule than standard varieties. More coffee equals more caffeine. 

Will K-Cup® capsules work in Nespresso?

K-Cup® capsules will not work in Nespresso. K-Cup® coffee is specifically designed for the technology associated with Keurig® brewers. The same principle applies to Nespresso. They make their own pods that work with and only with Nespresso machines. 

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