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7 Things You Never Should Have Googled About Keurig® Coffee Makers

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Despite the revolutionary single-serve technology, Keurig® coffee makers are simple machines. You put one K-Cup® pod in the brewer, push one button, and get one cup filled with joe.

Sure, we all have questions about our Keurig® coffee makers. Can I make iced coffee? How do I clean it? What type of water should I use? These are all logical questions. Yet, some among us complicate the process.

In this article, we will share actual Google searches about Keurig® coffee makers. And, we will explain why the questions never should have been asked in the first place.

do gnats like kcups

do gnats like kcups

Why are you even asking this question? Maybe there are tiny bugs flying around this persons Keurig® coffee maker. If that is the case, there are bigger issues at hand. Or maybe they want to devise a gnat trap using a K-Cup® pod. Who knows but, we will skip the gnats in our coffee and stick to cream and sugar instead.

can I eat an apple cider kcup

can i eat an apple cider kcup

Technically, you can eat an apple cider K-Cup® pod. They are made from all-natural ingredients. So, chow down! But, we recommend skipping the plastic parts.

can you put milk in a kcup machine

can you put milk in a kcup machine

No. Hard stop. We have seen this question dozens of times. Do not put anything in your Keurig® coffee maker other than coffee or water. If you put milk in the water reservoir, you will cause irreversible damage and void the warranty. Plus, is it so hard to add milk AFTER the coffee is in your mug?

do gas stations sell kcups

do gas stations sell kcups

Maybe. But do you really want to buy your K-Cup® pods at a gas station? You have come this far, don’t get cheap now. We are talking about gourmet coffee to use in your high-tech machine. You should buy the pods from a distributor or at least at a reputable grocery store.

do I have to open a kcup keurig

do i have to open a kcup keurig

Hopefully, this person just bought their Keurig® brewer. And, we guess they have never been to a hotel room before. Probably still use an old Bunn brewer at work. And, have no friends with coffee makers. Otherwise, one would know that you do not have to open a K-Cup® pod. You place the entire capsule in the coffee maker, lower the lid, and push brew.

can you dump kcups in a regular coffee maker

can you dump kcups in a regular coffee maker

Sure, you can dump the coffee from a K-Cup® pod in a regular coffee maker. But, you are going to need 12 of them to make one pot. Wouldn’t it be cleaner, easier, and cheaper to make them in your Keurig® coffee maker?

how do you get coffee beans into a kcup

how do you get coffee beans in a kcup

You don’t. There is no need to put anything in your K-Cup® pods including coffee beans. The capsule already comes filled with coffee grounds and a filter. Besides, once you remove or tamper with the lid, the pod is no longer useable.



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