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DIY Caffe Misto – Keurig® Version

Just when we got used to cappuccino and latte, Caffe Misto appears. Or has it been there all along? Quietly minding its own business while it’s more complicated counterparts get all the attention.

Caffee Misto is like latte and cappuccino, as it is a milk-based drink. But, it is far simpler to make since it is made from regular coffee rather than espresso. Great news for Keurig® brewer owners since Keurig® coffee makers can not make a genuine espresso.

Finally, we can make a genuine Starbucks hack at home. In this article, we will teach you how to make a Caffe Misto with your Keurig® brewer. Plus, we will use Starbucks® K-Cup® pods – the same coffee they use in the stores!

diy caffe misto

Caffe Misto Recipe Made With a Keurig® Brewer 



  • Brew the Starbucks® K-Cup® pod using the six-ounce water setting. 
  • Steam the milk. Do not froth the milk. To do this, keep the steaming wand low in the pitcher. If your Keurig® brewer does not have a milk frother, you can use these methods to steam milk instead. 

* Note: Use a very large mug to prevent overflow.

Caffe Misto is nothing more than coffee with steamed milk. The coffee milk ratio is easy to remember – half coffee and half milk. We love this simple combination because it produces a perfectly creamy cup of coffee. Just indulgent enough without overcomplicating. 

How many calories are in Caffe Misto?

Black Starbucks® coffee is calorie-free. Therefore, the calorie content of a grande Caffe Misto depends on the type of milk you choose. Regardless of your milk choice, we are happy to report that this drink is very low in calories.  

  • Almond milk = 50 
  • Skim milk = 60 
  • Whole milk = 130 

Can I make flavored Caffe Misto?

Yes, you can make flavored Caffe Misto two ways. First, you can add one shot of flavored coffee syrup to your mug and stir gently. Or, you can use a flavored K-Cup® coffee pod

Can I make iced Caffe Misto?

Yes, you can easily make iced Caffe Misto using your Keurig® coffee maker. First, choose a large plastic cup filled to the top with ice. Use the lowest water setting on your machine. Brew your K-Cup® pods (dark roast is the best choice to avoid a watered-down taste). Lightly steam the milk and pour into the same cup. 



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