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Urban Dictionary of K-Cup® Coffee

Remember when no one even knew how to pronounce Keurig®? Then we had to learn how to use a Keurig® coffee maker. Now, it is a household name and a common sight in most kitchens.

The brand has grown so popular that it now has an entire set of terms associated with it. New Keurig® users (and some veterans) are likely to become overwhelmed. Worse yet, you may not be getting the most out of your coffee machine.

In this article, we will define Keurig® terms and explain concepts in simple English. We want to make sure you understand how to use your brewer and maximize your coffee enjoyment! Let’s start with the basics. You have likely heard some of these terms about coffee for Keurig® brewers:

  • K-Cup® / Kcup / K cup / Kpods – the capsule designed to work with Keurig® technology. The correct version is “K-Cup®.”
  • Pod /capsule – more terms interchangeable with “K-Cup®” coffee.
  • K-Carafe® – a large capsule for use with Keurig® brewers equipped with carafe technology.
  • K-Mug® – contains more coffee than standard pods to brew a larger cup that does not taste watered down.
lifting brew handle of keurig coffee maker

Now, we move on to the parts of your Keurig® coffee maker. You need to know the names of these parts so you can follow cleaning and descaling instructions.

  • Brew handle – the lever that you lift to raise the top of the unit
  • Brew basket – inside the machine, the cylinder-shaped hole in which you place a K-Cup® pod
  • Strong button – instructs your machine to prepare a stronger cup by lengthening the brew cycle (only available on certain models)
  • Water reservoir – the clear compartment which holds water for coffee preparation (all units have a water reservoir except for Keurig® mini which operates on a fill as you go system)
  • Drip tray – area that your mug sits on (it is removable for cleaning or to accommodate travel mugs)
keurig water reservoir

Next, we will discuss a few of the most popular Keurig® coffee machine models. Please note, the minute we post this article half of these models are likely to become obsolete. The selection of models changes as Keurig® adds new features.

  • Keurig® 2.0 – considered the beginning of the “newer” models (this was an unpopular version as it would only brew approved K-Cup® pods)
  • Keurig® Kold – a discontinued model designed to prepare iced tea, and soda
  • K-Cafe® / K-Latte®/ Rivo® – comes equipped with a milk frother to prepare cappuccino and latte
  • Vue – discontinued Keurig® model which brewed only a certain type of pod called a Vue® Cup.
  • K-Mini® / K-Slim® – a compact model designed for small spaces (does not have a water reservoir, fill as you go).
  • K1500® – commercial-grade brewer UL approved for industrial settings (or small offices and homes that consume 10+ cups per day)
k cup coffee in a mug by coffee maker

Finally, let’s review some miscellaneous terms you may come across.

  • Single-serve – preparing one cup of coffee at a time rather than an entire carafe
  • Spatter – the noise at the end of the coffee brewing process (air blows through the brew needles to keep them clean)
  • Green Mountain® – the parent company of Keurig®, once a small coffee shop in Burlington, VT that is now a big player in the industry
  • Brew size / cup size – the amount of water used to make a cup of coffee
  • My K-Cup® – a reusable filter that allows you to use your own ground coffee rather than K-Cup® pods
  • Descale – the act of cleaning your machine with descaling solution or distilled white vinegar

After reading this article, you should be well versed in Keurig® lingo. But, if you come across anything you don’t understand, send us a message, and we would be happy to translate!

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