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Get 'em while you can.

Each season Green Mountain teases us with unique Keurig® K-Cup® coffees that are appropriate for that particular time of year.  Just when we fall in love with the delicious aromas and finely tuned roasts, woosh...they take them away. Why Green Mountain, why?  Thankfully, they are quickly replaced with a whole new seasonal repertoire and we fall in love all over again!

Some of our favorites include  (but are not limited to):

Golden French Toast

Golden French Toast Keurig K cups

Golden French Toast K-Cup® coffee is a highly requested, thoroughly desired K-Cup® coffee.  We start getting emails and phone calls in mid October asking when this little baby will be available.  Generally, Golden French Toast makes its appearance in early February and leaves us in the spring.

Island Coconut

Island Coconut Fair Trade coffee

Island Coconut is our all time favorite, not because of the taste (although it is insanely delicious) but, it means spring has sprung! We know that our harsh Cleveland winters are coming to a close when Island Coconut lands in our warehouse!

Summer Sunrise Blend

Green Mountain Summer Sunrise Keurig K cup coffee pods

Green Mountain Summer Sunrise Keurig® K-Cup® coffee pods made their debut appearance late spring 2015, this is their first time in the limited edition K-Cup® coffee line up and we hope that they are here to stay!  This is a crisp and clean fair trade coffee that will start your day off on the bright foot!

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition Keurig K cups

Guess what season Pumpkin Spice shows its delicious little face?  You are a genius, fall is correct.  Pumpkin Spice flies off the shelves starting in Septemeber and dies down usually in mid November. 

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest Keurig K cups

Autumn Harvest is Pumpkin Spices best friend. This is a non flavored variety with melowed tones that leave you ready to snuggle up for the winter.

Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend Keurig K cups

Holiday Blend is new to the line up, this is a jazzy roast that takes us from Thanksgiving to New Years.  


Gingerbread Keurig K cups

Towards the end of November thoughts of Gingerbread start to dance in our heads...and not Gingerbread cookies. No we dream of spicy and aromatic Gingerbread Keurig® K-Cup® pods. 

Spicy Eggnog

Spicy Eggnog Keurig K cups

Spicy Eggnog always accompanies Gingerbread because, well we dont know why exactly but, this is one of our favorites in the month of December.  Spicy Eggnog and Gnigerbread K-cup® pods usually stick with us well into February.

Wicked Winter Blend

Wicked Winter Blend strong kcup coffee

Wicked Winter Blend is the latest edition to the seasonal K-Cup® coffee lineup.  This is a dark roast, extra bold Kcup that is surprisingly smooth with hints of sweet spice.


P.S. Did we mention that the majority of Limited Edition K-Cup® coffees are also Fair Trade Certified?

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